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Writing Articles to Generate Massive Traffic

Writing articles for providing captivating content to those who are searching for informative articles on the internet, can bring endless traffic to your site. This can also turn out to be an independent way of making money online, as articles stay online for years and are the most sought form of online information which the readers like to read. Writing articles that catches attention can cause your prospects to become very familiar to you.

After deciding to start a business online , if you are on a budget, you can use articles as a free way of advertising your business on the internet. Articles can also be used as a fantastic communication tool for creating higher search engine ranking, links back to your own site and a large online affiliate sales force for your product or the service that you are promoting. This method of promotion is widely used for building website traffic.

In the beginning, if you feel that you don’t know much about writing articles, you can hire a good article writing service available on the internet, to write articles for you. Later on you can write your own articles and use them as a very powerful motivating factor by sharing your online educational experiences in life, to those who want to start their own business online and are in search of knowledge based articles.

7 things to be considered while writing articles to generate massive traffic:


  1. Remember the old saying ‘The pen is mightier than the sword’.
  2. Develop your writing skills in such a way that you will be recognized as an expert and a professional writer.
  3. Write articles on the topics that are related to the theme of your website.
  4. Select the interesting topics that your readers can’t wait to finish reading.
  5. Do not use big, technical words that will confuse the readers. Make it for the general people and easy to understand.
  6. Write articles that will draw in readers from all walks of life.
  7. Write it in a way that the readers will have some fresh content to read in it and will be able to enjoy while reading.

Once you develop the writing reddit essay writing service skills, your articles will act as a magnet pulling lot of traffic to your site, due to which the number of visitors will increase and the orders will start growing. But don’t forget to include a short resource box and at least one link back to your website at the end of each article that you will prepare for distribution. Then submit your own articles to thousands of directories and sites using wide distribution services.


Writing articles and submitting them to article directories will help you spread the news about your business all over the internet. You will be surprised to see the massive traffic that you will be getting through the back links and from the other online sites. In due course of time, people will start trusting you. In this way, more and more people will start believing you and your products. This will bring about constant increase in your referral sales and a regular residual income for you.


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