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What To Look For In A Cell Phone Buy Back Company

Online cell phone buy back companies made their debut back in early 2000. Since then there has been an explosion of cell phone buy back companies. The websites of these companies vary in their level of sophistication, ranging from the very simple to the utterly complex. You can generally tell which companies employ a “cookie-cutter” website from those who have employed designers. Although the looks of the websites may not be a major issue in who you decide to sell to, it does give you some idea of their longevity. Company longevity is important in that it gives you an indication of their financial stability, which is an important consideration when giving your cell phone to someone who promises to pay you something for it. Below are some important tips and considerations you might decide to employ when considering to whom you should sell your cell phone.

1) Consider website design. Does it resemble something that was given very little thought or effort to put together? Believe it or not, there are scammers out there mixed in with real legitimate companies and they may not spend a great deal of time creating their website. Remember, websites with some natural flow and design lend to the idea that they are established and have some amount of longevity and professionalism.

2) Is the website simple or complex? If it takes you awhile to figure out their selling process then it is poorly designed. You might want to look for a website that is not filled with excessive clutter that makes you wade through a forest to find the “sell” icon. A good website will have it’s navigation menu simple and at the top followed by a brief description of what they do followed by a selling cart specifically designed to sell your cell phone. It should have the manufacturer then the model and finally the price offered. It should flow smoothly with no page interruptions and page reloading each time you use it.

3) You also want to be weary of any company offering a price for a phone significantly higher than what the other companies are offering. Chances are it is a ploy to get you to sell your phone to them only to have it seriously marked down for flaws. A good company will tell you in their terms and conditions what they are looking for and will have some form of rating system that will help you determine your phones actual price.

4) You will definitely want to avoid the temptation of selling to a company that guarantees immediate payouts or payouts within 10 days of receiving your phone. The norm is about 30 days after receiving your phone. There is a lot of processing involved in making sure the phone they get from you works. You might think, “How long can it take to process my one phone?” but the truth is that it may be your one phone times 5,ooo other customers. The processing task can be quite ominous. The bottom line is that you are not likely going to get a check that quick.

5) Read the terms and conditions.sell my mobile home now You should find they are very similar to one another. This is a good thing in that industry standardizations have been created.

6) Look for a company that has some kind of auto-shipper. That means once you submit an order, a shipping label is soon sent to your computer that you can affix to the package you choose to send your phone it. Many companies are still sending out the old “box and label” for you to put your phone in. A few modernized websites are now sending FREE shipping labels right to your computer! It’s the only way to do it.

7) This is a tip for you after you sell your phone. Make sure your Spam blocker will not file emails from the buy back company in the garbage. Email is the preferred method of communication as none of these companies have a call center. Make sure you respond to their emails in a timely fashion as well.

If you do these things you should have a hassle free selling experience. The best thing to do is take an honest look at the phone you want to sell and rate it based on the rating system offered by that company. Get your free shipping label, package your phone, affix the label, and send it in. You will eventually be notified as to the condition of your phone (i.e. cosmetic value and functionality value) and will be offered the expected modified price (that you read in the terms and conditions). Then wait the specified period of time and a check will be mailed! It’s not the kind of thing that will make you rich, but it will put a few extra dollars in your pocket.

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