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What Services Can a Private Detective Provide?

Private investigators can conduct background checks, and enquires into your partner to find out if they are in fact a member of the cheaters club.

Let’s take a look further at their 尋人 services:


  • Find facts
  • Analyze information (can include financial or personal matter)
  • Verify backgrounds
  • Trace missing people
  • Investigate various computer crimes
  • Protect celebrities
  • Track a cheating spouse


Were you aware that private investigators have been around for around 150 years now? The first known agency was opened in 1833. So it’s definitely an occupation that has withstood the tests of time and been noteworthy. There are necessary steps required to take in order to conduct a successful private investigation. Those steps include


  • Discussing the case with their client
  • Working out a plan for gathering information
  • Conducting the investigation and gathering up evidence
  • Analyzing the evidence
  • Reporting what is found out to their clients


A private investigator will use many sources to solve their case. The most common source that the majority of private investigators use is surveillance. The idea behind this is really quite easy. They will follow their target and write down where they go and who they are with. They are pretty skillful in the fact that their target really doesn’t know they are being followed. This is one beneficial source to use when gathering information on a possible cheating wife, or cheating partner.

Another known source is that of public records. They will look into databases that usually include the following information.


  • Real estate records
  • Court records
  • Business licenses
  • DMV records
  • Vital statistics
  • Tax records
  • Voting registration
  • Birth or death records


The biggest part of the job when it comes to an investigation is that once they have gathered all the necessary documentation and information they must then analyze all the material in order to present it to their clients. This is where the private investigator can determine if in fact your spouse or partner is cheating on you. They will be able to provide you with clear cut information on the facts and you can then proceed accordingly with the information you received.

If you are looking to hire a private detective to help you look into your partner’s activities make sure you do your research ahead of time and hire those that are licensed. This way you can help eliminate any problems with working with a shady individual. Ensure you you only deal with a licensed member of your state association.


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