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Water Filters – Part II

As well as those mentioned in my previous article, another type is what is known as an ultraviolet water filter. These filters use an ultraviolet light to kill the bacteria in the water. They are seldom used in the home because of the problem of keeping the ultraviolet light clean. They are mostly used in business and hospital settings where trained professionals are on the staff to service the unit. Businesses usually have extended service contracts to keep these units serviced. Some water ionizers have had ultraviolet lights attached but they have been shown to have very little effect.

Then we have what are called back flush water filters. When this filter first came on the market it claimed to be long life and needing few filter changes. To this date none of the claims of these back flush water filters have lived up to the facts. Usually these filters are anywhere from two to four times the cost of a typical charcoal based water filter unit. The companies justify their prices by the longevity of the units. The truth why is my water softener beeping is, these filters are no better than a typical charcoal one but many people buy into the hype that more expensive is better, thus the popularity of these monsters.

Another popular water filter is the magnetic water filter. Technically, what these do is pass the water through a magnetic field. Effectively, this rearranges the ions. Unfortunately, without actually splitting the ions in the water, lasting change is not really possible and thus there is very little effect. Of course the manufacturers make all kinds of claims that they really can’t back up. The truth is, magnetic filters do not filter or change the pH. Units that use magnetism show a wide range of effectiveness. Again, this is another case where people simply buy into the hype.

Then we have what are called energetic water filter systems. These are attached at the point where the water enters the home itself. These units align the water using methods based on the works of Viktor Shauberger, a pioneering water researcher. Although these units do soften the water to some degree they do not change the pH or the positive or negative charge of the water. They also do not filter the water in any way in spite of the claims.

Another type of water filter is the Vortex water filter system. These units use vortex flow of water just before it comes out of your sink. These filters do appear to soften the water as the ene

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