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The Boys Season 3 Ends With Plenty of Twists and a Finale Grade

It’s time to say farewell to Homelander, Butcher & Co. and say goodbye to two characters for good after waiting over 18 months for The Boys Season 3 to begin!

A highly anticipated confrontation with Soldier Boy, a heartbreaking defeat that even moved Homelander to tears, and a surprisingly joyful conclusion for one of the supes were some of the highlights of Friday’s frenetic and action-packed hour. Additionally, the episode’s last scenes were so horrifyingly unsettling that we’re still attempting to recover from the goosebumps caused by that final sight.You can watch the boys season 3 free from 4khotvideos and that is the bestwebsites to watch free movies online

Recap of the The Boys Season 3 finale Even though it was uncertain which direction Soldier Boy was going to go until Homelander tried to appeal to his father by bringing out tiny Ryan, Maeve teamed up with Butcher and Soldier Boy to defeat Homelander. What a joyous family reunion, but hold on. Ryan was injured when he attempted to laser Soldier Boy off Homelander. Soldier Boy termed Homelander weak and snivelling, and he had little regard for Ryan either.

By firing lasers at Soldier Boy in retaliation for what he did to Ryan, Homelander and Butcher briefly found common ground. Homelander then attended to his child while Butcher and the other Boys attempted to kill Soldier Boy. When Hughie increased the lighting in the studio, Annie’s abilities were amplified to the point that she could fly and knock down Soldier Boy so that MM could put the nerve agent gas mask on him. They were able to free Soldier Boy, who appeared to be going to kill everyone with a bomb.

Maeve and Homelander were beating each other to a pulp in the meantime. (He even protruded into her eye!) Maeve saw Annie’s beseeching expression and rushed out of the tower window with Soldier Boy, who detonated in the sky, before she could finally slay her tormentor. (Mallory literally put him back on ice, to put it mildly.)

The Boys Maeve Leaves* News praised Brave Maeve’s passing, yet everything was a lie! Later, Annie went to see Maeve, who was still alive but was missing one eye and her talents. When Maeve and Elena were reunited, she confessed that they were leaving to go someplace where Homelander couldn’t find them. Homelander might not even be aware that Maeve is still alive thanks to Ashley, who at last did the right thing and deleted the video of The Boys saving her. Find out more about Maeve’s leaving here.

Noir went back to Vought Tower and informed Homelander that Soldier Boy was evil and needed to be put to death. Noir responded with a nod when Homelander inquired if he was aware that Soldier Boy was his father. The betrayal left a wounded Homelander speechless, crying out, “F-k. Before slamming Noir’s arm directly through his chest and murdering him, he asked Noir, “Why didn’t you tell me?” (Read more about Noir’s passing here.)

The Deep, A-Train, and Ashley were the poor excuse for a team or family that Homelander grieved having after Noir’s passing in The Boys Season 3 finale. Victoria Neuman was ultimately chosen for the position when he ordered The Deep to kill the VP candidate and forced Ashley to remove her wig. In the climactic scene, Homelander introduced Ryan to a crowd of Stormfront followers after Ryan had chosen him at the conclusion of the major Soldier Boy battle. Homelander laser-stopped the Starlight believer whose cup-throwing struck Ryan when he was hit by it. The crowd remained silent. Then everyone began to applaud Homelander, shocking Homelander with their display of solidarity, including MM’s daughter’s stepdad. Ryan’s eerie little smile was visible as he observed the audience.

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