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Solar Electric Panels – Who Else Wants to Know 5 Good reasons to generate Your own Electricity?

An Introduction To Electrical Control Panels | Electrical SafetyThe words “solar electric panel” have different meanings for different people depending on their point of view. There has been 制面 a great deal of buzz about using solar energy to supplement our use of fossil fuels to create electricity. The Obama administration has talked about investing billions in stimulus money to help fund various green initiatives in solar energy, electric cars and more. Just what is a solar electric panel? Wikipedia defines the phrase as a photovoltaic array. A photovoltaic array is a linked collection of solar cells. The cells convert light energy into direct current energy via the photovoltaic effect.

The power that one module can produce is seldom enough to power a home so several modules are linked together to form an array. To convert the power to alternating current that your home uses an inverter needs to be installed to power lights, supply current for appliances, motors and other loads. Modules are connected in series to achieve the desired voltage rate and then in parallel to produce more current. Solar electric panels are usually rated by their peak power output in watts or kilowatts.

Are you tired of having your electric bill continually increase year after year? Would you like to create some more room in your budget every month? If you live in an area that is sunny most of the time then you have the ability to generate some of your own power. What you will need to do is to get some solar electric panels and set up your own personal power generating grid. There are companies that specialize in the installation of solar electric panels for the home it can be an expensive prospect when you add in their mark up and the installation labor costs. If you are even moderately handy around the house you can set up your own solar array.

Solar panels have been used to generate the power needed for natural gas monitoring systems, traffic lights, street lights and even water pumps. Major brands like Sharp, GE, BP, Solar World and Mitsubishi make solar panels in power ranges up to 175 watts. Pricing ranges from $75 for a 5 watt model to over $700 for a 175 watt model. In addition to the panels you will need mounting hardware, connectors, an inverter and the wiring to cut the power into your home grid. Some units use batteries to store the generated powerSolar electric panels are and have always been good investments. Why? This is because with them you do not only get to save a lot of money but you also help save the environment. You see, unlike other power sources, these systems do not require fuels for them to work. You just need the panels and the sun to provide you the electricity you need. And because of this, it does not have any emissions that can potentially harm the environment.

To a regular mid – income family, the solar electric panel prices seem to be too much. But if you are going to look beyond their price, you will find that you can get a lot out of those solar panels. Well for one, your get to save thousands of money from your electric bill. And with the state of the economy, every penny is worth saving for something else. Another factor is that they can keep your house running in cases of power outage. This is very important especially after natural calamities. With a steady electric supply, you can keep connected with your loved ones and be updated with news when absolutely necessaryYour electrical panel is an electrical safety device that shuts down an electrical circuit whenever it is using too much current, and might cause fire or electrical shock. Many people only think about looking at their panel when one of their electrical circuits stops working. However, the wise tenant or homeowner will have thought ahead, and labeled the circuits in the panel box, so that it is clear which switch or fuse controls which circuits in their residence.

When you have located your electrical panel, open it up and see if it contains fuses, or circuit breakers. Most modern residences use breakers, but some older homes may still have fuses instead. If the power has been shut off to one of your electrical circuits, here’s a little home electrical repair you can do to restore it:

When a fuse “blows”, the current in its circuit has become large enough to melt a thin metal strip inside it. When this happens, of course, the current cannot be restored until the fuse has been replaced with a new one. Always use a new fuse that has the same rating as the one you are replacing. Using a 20 amp fuse to replace a 15 amp fuse is very dangerous, as it would enable way too high a current to exist before blowing.

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