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Sell Your Writing Services – 5 Tips For Easy Promotion and Sales

Want to sell your writing services online? You can. It’s all a matter of promotion – you need to promote consistently so that you get clients.

You have incredible opportunities for promotion online, so please don’t take them for granted.

You can get your name out to millions of people, often for free. You can compete with companies and individuals who have deep pockets, and spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on advertising, with just a small amount of effort every day.

Here are five tips which will help.

1. What Are You Selling?

Decide which writing services you will provide. For example, you may provide an article writing service. If so, decide who your clients are. Are they companies? Individuals?

You need to understand your best essay writing service reddit prospects, and where they hang out. If you’re targeting individuals who do affiliate marketing, then go to the forums they frequent. If you’re targeting companies, you’ll need to contact the companies directly.

You should promote each of the services you offer individually. Many writers offer generic “services” but this is usually ineffective, unless your name has already become a brand.

2. Develop a Plan

Promoting your services needs to be something you do every day – it’s essential. Even when you have many clients, keep promoting. By consistently promoting what you do, you can raise your rates over time. This isn’t just so you can make more money, it’s so you don’t burn out.

So create a plan. It needn’t be complex. Write it on an index car

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