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Selecting a Quality Bulldog Puppy Requires Research

The breeder you are buying your puppy from should be able to supply you with information in order to buy the best puppy for you. If at all possible, go to see the puppy. If that is not possible, ask to see photos of the puppy and the parents.

A Bulldog should have no cosmetic surgery Frenchie for sale, like some other breeds. Example: A Boxer which requires the tail be docked and sometimes the owner will decide to have the ears cropped.

The Bulldog can require a significant amount of attention for their health. Like many other breeds, Bulldogs are prone to some health problems too.

Here is a list of questions to ask the breeder:

o Does the puppy have any medical problems?
o Do the parents have any medical problems?
o Is the puppy a registered breed?
(If so, what organizations are they registered with)
o At what age was the puppy weaned?
o What immunizations has the puppy received?
o What feeding schedule is the puppy on?
o What is the breeder’s health guarantee for the puppy?

Sit down and write all the things down you would like to know about the puppy you are thinking about purchasing. Preparing this ahead of time causes less confusion when you get on the phone with the breeder.

Choose a puppy that is not afraid of humans. Remember that puppies tend to get aggressive in play with each other. The environment that you are supplying for the puppy will be the deciding factor whether you want a more aggressive puppy or one that is more laid back.

The English Bulldog is very adaptable to your environment, but you will want to make sure you know the parents’ history and their temperaments. Even though you may be able to train and teach your puppy the proper manners and behavior, it is best to know what you are up against with the developmental traits of their parents.

Don’t feel pressured into buying a puppy you are not comfortable with. You have the option to shop around and feel totally confident about your purchase. If you are purchasing a Bulldog puppy as a gift for someone else, let the owner do the final selection.


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