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Online Billing Software With Loads of Features to Make Your Work Easy

Going for manual processes, when it comes to sending invoices and bills often gives a cumbersome feel and is a daunting task. To get rid of the manual intricacies, we recommend online invoice and billing software that does the task almost instantly. Many service providers will assure the best possible solution but make sure the software you get is loaded with the features mentioned below to make it an altogether comprehensive billing software solution that leads to profit generation and customer satisfaction.

Billing software features to include in your software:-

• Personalized admin sections enabling users to add and modify product, contact details and more.

• Easy integration with the latest in customer relationship management like SugarCRM and Salesforce.

• Features showing current information with categorized security levels as per the package.

• ‘Add Customer’ or ‘Delete Records’ option in a single click.

• New product thumbnail image view for any item.

• Information update feature in a single page without having to go through a complex process.

• Process automation right from proposing a quote by means of quoting software, online payment software to creating and negotiating professional quotes and invoice creation through online billing and invoicing software.

• Automation of the entire process along with negotiations done and the method through which estimates are approved.

• Features that enable full control of the products available.

• A compatible database to work with quantities available for warehousing.

• Unique Expense calculator and management. Expenses added can then be converted into invoices.

• Multiple pricing levels.

• Selling Unit of Measure based on the currency in which the payment is made.

• Supervisory controls for the quote and invoicing and online billing software.

• Library functionality to store vital data and files.

• Features to generate drawings and images based on the available configurations.

• Quote template to use similar quotes instead of generating a new one.

• One click estimate sending, invoicing and online billing to customers.

• Calculations of expenses and adding to the estimates generated.

• Data retrieval and accounting based on resources kept securely in cloud servers.

• Target campaigns specific to buyer behavior.

• Mobile application with all similar features to create and send estimates and invoices.

• Recurring online billing and invoice system for periodic payment flow.

• Tracking of recurring invoices and monitoring services.

• Setting triggers defining the criteria set based on which a certain reminder will be sent to the customer.

• One click export and import of crucial data.

• Mobile interface with on-the-spot customer payments with PDF receipt feasibility.

• Version upgrade of the mobile online billing and invoicing application with new ‘Archive Invoice’ feature.

• Customized online billing template.

• Reporting of invoices, expenses and sales made.

• Online billing software to calculate local taxes for product and services for invoices, estimate creation and recurring billing.

These benefits of the online billing software ensure profitable generation of sales through creation of accurate invoices and management of the same. Many websites have automated this process for quality sales lead generation and greater revenues.

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