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How to Prevent a Visit From Your Plumbing Service During the Holidays

The holidays are a time for you and your family, friends and loved ones to gather together to celebrate and enjoy one another’s company. Whether this is at your own home or that of a family member, the extra load holiday visitors put on plumbing systems can cause problems, especially if you haven’t had regular plumbing service.

Here are some common holiday plumbing issues, and tips to help you avoid needing to call a plumbing service during your family gatherings.

Avoid Garbage Disposal Repair

Don’t overload your garbage disposal. Avoid a mid-holiday garbage disposal repair by running your garbage disposal periodically throughout the day instead of allowing waste to pile up, and always run cold water while it works. In addition, avoid running stringy, fibrous materials through your garbage disposal. This includes carrots, banana peels, celery and pumpkin pulp.

Not Enough Hot Water

A common enough holiday film scene is a reality for many households Sammamish plumbing over the holidays. Featuring family members screaming at one another to stop taking such long showers and using all the hot water, this common plumbing service problem can be avoided by following these tips:

– Take advantage of times when guests will be likely to bathe or shower by running dishwashers and washing machines at those times, such as at night.
– Ask your guests to space out their showers to make it less likely your hot water heater will run of water.
– Maximize the hot water available in your home by turning up the temperature on your water pressure while you have guests.

Low Water Pressure

Avoid calling a plumbing service for low water pressure in your showers by removing build-up from showerheads before your guests arrive. Soak showerheads in vinegar overnight by either removing the showerhead and soaking it in a bowl, or by attaching a plastic bag filled with vinegar using a rubber band or other tie. The next day, use an old toothbrush to gently scrape off any mineral deposits to allow water to flow more freely through the showerhead.

Pipes and Clogged Drains

High usage can often cause a completely clogged drain, especially if your sink was slow-draining to begin with. Follow these preventative tips to reduce the likelihood of a clogged drain:

– NEVER pour fat or grease or down a drain. Grease congeals and can cause a clogged drain or pipe, so wipe pots and pans using paper towels before washing.

– Keep a garbage can readily available in your bathroom, to reduce the chance that guests will flush items that may cause clogged pipes, such as feminine products, cotton balls and face cleaning pads.

– Use Bio Clean once a month as a preventive maintenance procedure to help you avoid having to call a professional plumbing service for clogged drains. Bio Clean contains healthy bacteria and enzymes that consume slime and other gunk that can build up on pipe walls.

Finally, to avoid the most costly plumbing service – frozen or burst pipes – ensure that any exposed plumbing is well insulated. Take basic plumbing winterization steps, such as caulking areas where pipes enter your home and shutting down irrigation systems and outdoor faucets.

Following these basic pieces of advice, you can reduce the likelihood of a needing a professional plumbing service over the busy holiday season.


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