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Generate Interest in Your Next Community Event by Booking Local Massage Therapists

San Luis Obispo Massage Services - Avocado MassageA massage is a perfect sensual meeting between two people. One person gives while the other receives in total harmony, and total peace with each other 출장마사지. That is how a massage should be and if all the preparation is done correctly that is more likely the result.

However, not all massages turn out this way. More often than not, people do not prepare themselves for the massage and as a result the massage they do get is not at par with the great massage or even worse, a horrible, horrible massage.

It could be too much or too little pressure, cold hands, or just a cold disposition from the massager or the recipient. Fortunately, you can protect yourself from something like this by simply preparing for the massage itself.

One of the first things you need to do is to set the mood. Before both the therapist and the person receiving the massage can give their full attention they need to be put into the right state of mind. You can begin by dimming the lights so that they both can focus on the touch and not be distracted by their sense of sight.

Music can also help relax both the therapist and the subject as it soothes them. Some classical music is a good way to relax. Soft romantic music is also a good choice if you are giving a sensual massage. Rock music is probably one genre music that you should steer clear off.

Massage can be a taxing experience for the therapist and if he or she is not fully prepared physically, you would not be able to give the best massage possible. If you are the therapist you have to ensure that you are strong enough and limber enough to provide the right pressure and move those muscles right. If you are not feeling well or feeling a little bit under the weather, it would be better to just postpone the massage or have someone else do it.

At the same time, before you accept a massage, make sure that you are feeling well. Getting a massage while sick can be excruciating because of a slightly more sensitive skin. Having the flu, for example, can make a simple rubdown feel as though someone is running a sheet of sand paper across the skin.

Preparation is not always physical in nature, mental preparation is also vital to a successful massage. The massage is supposed to calm a person and give them relaxation. With a stressed out mind, you will definitely be distracted from what should have been a pleasant experience.

One way to relax and be more open to the massage experience is by taking a deep breath before you enter the massage area. Once you are in the massage area, close your eyes and focus on the music playing while making sure you breathe regularly. As the massager begins the session feel every single stroke as his or her hands travel across your body. One of the leading causes of death all over the world is stroke. It is defined by the Heart and Stroke Foundation as the sudden loss of brain function due to change of blood flow in the brain, blockage of a blood vessel in the brain, or the rupture of this blood vessel. Without proper flow of blood that delivers oxygen and nutrients to the brain, there is a huge chance of incurring brain damage. Suffering from stroke is one of the most unpleasant event that any family can experience. Stroke not only affects the stroke patient, but it affects the whole family as well. As such, recovery from stroke is the recovery of the whole family from a traumatic experience.

So how can massage therapy or therapeutic massage help stroke survivors in their recovery? Well, we all know that massage therapy is known to have a vast effect on the body’s nervous system and circulatory system particularly through the improvement of the body’s blood flow and circulation. In addition, massage is also known to help people relax, reduce stress, and decrease pain. Armed with these knowledge coupled with the mastery of various therapeutic massage techniques, there is no doubt that massage therapists can assist people in their recovery process.

In 2004, a study has been conducted to investigate how massage therapy affects stroke patients. The study was lead by the Hong Kong Polytechnic University Department of Nursing and Wong Chuk Hang Hospital also located in Hong Kong. Results showed that the group who received ten minutes of slow-stroke back massage before bedtime for seven nights had significant lower levels of pain, anxiety, blood pressure and heart rate compared with the control group. If ten minutes can do that, how much more can regular sessions of therapeutic massage affect the recovery of stroke patients?

There are different types of massage therapy techniques that can be used for stroke patients depending on their needs and condition. Two of the most popular massage therapy techniques are Swedish massage and reflexology. Other popular choices of massage treatments especially in the area of Rocky Point, New york are sports massage, deep tissue massage, and pregnancy massage.

Swedish massage, reflexology, sports massage, deep tissue massage, and pregnancy massage can be availed at a leading, and well-known massage spa in Rocky Point, NY. But of course, recognizing the fact that it is hard for some stroke patients to travel back and forth to a massage spa, the massage spa can send one of their professional massage therapist for home or hospital visit.

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