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Essentials Features That You Should Consider for Luxury Fitted Kitchens

Luxury Fitted kitchens are a great investment for any home, making it far more pleasurable to cook and clean. Kitchens can be very expensive to decorate and therefore any decision to improve your set up should not be taken lightly. In this article we’ll consider some of the essential features which should be included in all kitchens.


Obviously your kitchen wouldn’t be a kitchen without all the standard appliances. You will need a cooker, fridge, dishwasher and microwave. All of these appliances Fitted kitchens can be fitted into the kitchen to tie it into the design.

Fitted appliances will instantly make your kitchen look much more fashionable and stylish. Make sure you think about this when planning as you should buy the right types of appliances that look good for your home and your current decor.


An extractor fan is another essential piece of equipment which should be included in all luxury fitted kitchens. Extractors or cooker hoods are fitted over the top of your hob. These are available in many different styles and look very fashionable.

They are fitted with filters to remove smoke and harsh smells from the air. This will make your kitchen a much more comfortable room to spend time in.

Counter tops

When your kitchen is being planned you will need to make sure you have plenty of space to spread to prepare and eat food. Moreover, these work surfaces can be made from lots of different materials including wood, laminate composite board, and natural materials including stone, marble and granite.

Storage Space

Luxury fitted kitchens will all have loads of gadgets and small appliances. All of these will need to be stored somewhere, which is why all kitchens need to have plenty of storage space. Also cupboards and drawers are vital to purchase as they will help to reduce clutter of your work surfaces.

Sink and Taps

The sink and taps that you choose will depend on the type of counter top that you choose. If you use natural stone or granite, then you can have your sink sunk into the work surface. This creates a very modern look which is practical and hard wearing.


The design of a kitchen is something that’s very personal. There are literally many different designs that you can choose from. There are modern, traditional and farmhouse designs.

When choosing designs of luxury fitted kitchens it might be beneficial to look through a portfolio. Most kitchen fitters will have pictures for you to look at. You can also search on the Internet to get some ideas before getting a proper design drawn up.

Kitchen Island

Depending on the size of your kitchen, you might want to fit a kitchen island. These fit in the middle of your room as a freestanding unit. Or consider having two units, one for preparing food and one for dining.

Professional Design

When purchasing luxury fitted kitchens, you should always consult a professional kitchen designer. Their expert knowledge will mean that they can optimise your space to its full potential, whilst also giving you hints and tips on whats hot and whats not.

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