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Dr Phil Hired a Call Girl to Rub Skin Care For Men on My Husband

Does Dr. Phil use skin care for men? Of course he must. He’s got nothing but money so why wouldn’t he? I just can’t be sure because, though his face looks okay to me, maybe they’re using some kind of gizmo over the camera lens to fuzz things up a bit.

My husband refuses to use any products on himself while I, of course, wouldn’t think of being without mine. And, while I’m getting call girls in lahore younger looking, he’s starting to look older. It’s sad.

If there was no help out there I could understand it, but there is. So there’s absolutely no excuse. The company I’ve finally settled on for myself, after a lot of trial and error, makes skin care for men.

I’ve done all the leg work for him. He wouldn’t have to lift a finger or make any of the costly mistakes I’ve made. All he would have to do is use it. That’s it. But he says cosmetics are for metrosexuals. He drives me nuts.

If there’s no intervention soon it will be too late. I will be sleeping next to a wrinkly, crinkly old geezer.
That’s probably what started me thinking about calling Dr. Phil.

Now that I’m feeling really good about myself I’m willing to be on TV. I want to sit next to my husband and hold hand in front of the world. I’ll be supportive while Dr. Phil talks sense into him. My plan is to have the stuff with me in case there’s a breakthrough. Maybe Robin will come running up on the stage and put it on for him. Bet he wouldn’t put up a fight then.

Once I’ve explained about the wonderful, pure ingredients and the integrity of the company I know Dr. Phil will be on my side. Especially when I explain that this honestly is skin care for men, not ladies.

Today no man has to be a victim of the elements. Just by being out there mowing the lawn, unprotected, he’s getting damage. The sun and wind can really do a job on a poor unsuspecting guy’s face. And body, if it’s not covered. And the remedy is so simple, now that there is great skin care for men to be

To make matters worse, my husband does triathalons. Maybe that will impress Dr. Phil. Many a time he’s come back from one of these monumental events triumphant, but scary red. I’ve tried to put my cream on his face and you’d think I was coming at him with poison. Same for the body lotion. He shrank from that, too.

That’s probably why I dreamed Dr. Phil hired a call girl. To rub skin care for men all over my husband. Wonder if his manhood would feel threatened then.

My name is Dee Smith and my passion is skin care. I’m determined to stay looking young forever.


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