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Diabetes and Depression: The Interlink

Did you know that depressed people are more likely to be hit by diabetes and vice versa? Yes, several studies suggest that diabetes doubles the risk of depression and individuals with depression have the greater risk of developing diabetes. People with diabetes go through phases of depression because they undergo a major lifestyle change after being struck by this disease. They have to keep a close eye on their diet; regular visits to doctor and taking medicines become a regular routine to follow for the rest of their lives. The exact reason is not discovered till now but it is suspected that the metabolic changes in the body and brain due to diabetes may induce depression.

There is a close relation between diabetes and depression for which a diabetes patient should take care of his depression for he may suffer for more complications of diabetes. And as the diabetes complications increase, depression overpowers the individual more. So, it is the vicious circle which must be broken in order to lead a happy and healthy life with diabetes.

In spite of the fact that diabetes patients are frequently victimized How to Buy Xanax 1 Mg Online without Prescription by depression, the symptoms of depression remain unrecognized by their friends and family even by themselves. As a result the depression goes undiagnosed and untreated. So it is very important to treat depression so that the occurrence of more diabetes complications could be avoided.

There are many different treatments for Buy Xanax Online depression and patients respond to these treatments in different ways. There are medications of antidepressants like Xanax which are safe and good for diabetes. A research done by the researchers from Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis established that an antidepressant medication reduces the risk of recurrent depression and increase duration between depressive episodes in patients with diabetes. But the medication may take longer to respond if not combined by cognitive-behavioral therapy by a trained professional who will consider the circumstances of the person and the family. In fact scientists report that therapies and antidepressant medications have positive effects on both mood and glycemic control. “That’s important not only because people with diabetes will feel better if we can control their depression. It’s also key to helping manage blood sugar,” says Patrick J. Lustman, Ph.D., principal investigator and professor of psychiatry. “As depression improves, glucose levels also tend to improve.”

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