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Buying Chips For Online Gambling

How To Fund Your Internet Gambling Account


The process of purchasing chips and credits on gambling websites on the internet becomes more difficult each month. Changes in legislation and policies modifications at processing businesses to create a situation that judi slot changes constantly and is often difficult to track.


The beginning years of internet-based gambling had limited options to fund your sportsbook or casino account. Before the online poker boom, most websites were primarily focused on the billing of credit cards. There were a few casinos, mostly that used microgaming’s software, also utilized a platform from Surefire Commerce, which later was changed to FirePay.


With limited alternatives for direct billing of credit cards was the primary option for many years despite the many headaches associated with. These transactions were deemed to be risky by banks, which is why they were charged high fees and the consumer would usually contest the charges if they didn’t prevail. A new solution was required so PayPal was the answer. PayPal electronic wallet quickly emerged to fill the gap.


In the year 2002, PayPal had been absorbed by the online auction giant and had ended any gambling on the internet. In 2002, the company Neteller was launched to offer an electronic payment system that could cater to the gambling industry online. Although other players also joined this market in the following couple of years Neteller continued to be the leading player in making payments to and from the internet casinos, sportsbooks, and poker rooms.


In March 2007 Neteller was forced to leave the market due to growing legal pressures coming in authorities in the United States. This means that Neteller has stopped processing transactions for US as well as Canadian customers, which comprise the majority of online gambling players. Because the majority of people use the services offered by Neteller the change has caused many to wonder what alternatives are open to customers. There are, obviously numerous options that remain viable for financing an online gambling account.



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