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Boost Web Site Traffic – Keep Banner Advertising Simple!

You know the old expression about how you never have a second chance to make a first impression? This is especially true when it comes to your web site banner advertising. Your banner advertising is often the first “HELLO!” to an unsuspecting web surfer that knows nothing about your web site, your company or your product. Your potential customers and clients will most likely be introduced to you through your banner advertising. Your web site traffic is dependent on the impact made with this first impression. A quality banner ad design will not only increase your web site traffic but the revenue generated from your web site.

These days most of us know basic graphic design skills and there are many banner creation programs, with easy to use templates, available online for download. Everyone wants to be all DIY (Do-It-Yourself) these days but it’s highly recommended to have the job completed by a graphic design artist with banner เว็บตรง advertising samples in his or her portfolio. Even if you are restricted by a tight budget there is always the possibility of finding a skilled designer, working on the cheap, looking to build their portfolio. Being able to take credit for a creating a successful banner advertising campaign that dramatically boosted web site traffic looks good in any design portfolio and chances are someone will work within your budget for the opportunity alone! Just relay your vision and the general message you want your banner advertising to convey. Allow the designer an opportunity to work their magic and see if anything can spark high web site traffic. Promise to credit their work on your site and direct web site traffic to their design portfolio or homepage.

One important thing to remember when designing your banner advertising is to keep things clean and simple! You want the banner advertising to encourage web site traffic – not annoy people and take away from their enjoyment of the web site they came to see, which just happened to display your banner advertising. Don’t be overly flashy with advanced animation, annoying sound effects or cluttered text. The wording in your banner advertising should be minimal and brief. Just like a newspaper headline your banner ad needs to grab attention, enticing people to click it and add to your web site traffic. Be imaginative and creative, with a strong headline, making the hard sell and using an power adjective or verb to pull in eyeballs. Banner advertising is not about flash like so many designers may think. Granted, you do want something colorful that stands out from other ads but keep it sensible and don’t get too ridiculous or you may turn away some potential web site traffic. Be bold with the font size and style. Remember banner advertising is all about the IMPACT and getting results with higher web site traffic.


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