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Bluetooth Headset – Typical User-Friendly Applications of Bluetooth With PCs and Phones

There is a claim that Bluetooth technology for PC support is limited as a result of the fact that most hardware manufacturers focus on the conventional Wi-Fi protocols. However, the real truth is that Wi-Fi serves purposes that are largely different from Bluetooth, and each of them has its peculiar merits and demerits.

Applications of Bluetooth Technology for Headsets

Here are some of the common applications of Bluetooth headsets:

1. Bluetooth Headsets for Cell Phones

The application of Bluetooth is found in cellular telephones. Cordless headsets utilize Bluetooth technology which can help you to receive calls without having to bring your cell phone out of your pocket or bag. The Bluetooth headset is very light in weight; you only need to wear it on one of your ears and they can be used for about 1 to 4 hours of conversation before recharging.

2. USB Bluetooth Adapter

Except for expensive notebooks that are dual mode bluetooth module now common on the market, there are computers that don’t have support for Bluetooth protocols. Thus, you will need to get an adapter to enjoy Bluetooth functionality on such PCs. You just have to insert the Bluetooth adapter into a USB port, but ensure that you buy the one that provides support for the headset protocol so that the adapter can communicate with the headset in its coverage.

3. Bluetooth PC Headset

Even though, there may not be a Bluetooth headset for PCs, you can use a cell phone Bluetooth headset with your computer. Nonetheless, you may have to do some ‘tweaking’ for the headset to work on your computer.

The Purchase of Bluetooth Headsets

Generally, Bluetooth headsets for cell phones are quite costly compared to the traditional PC headsets that use cords. For inexpensive headsets that you can use for wireless VoIP calls on your computer, you can search the Internet for websites that offer value-adding products.

The Setup Procedures

• Pairing the Headset With a PC

To enjoy VoIP applications, you have to ‘pair’ your Bluetooth-enabled PC with the Bluetooth headset. Set the headset in the discovery mode and let your computer search for available Bluetooth devices within its coverage. Once the computer discovers the headset, it will ‘pair up’ with it. You can also find the detailed procedures for the discovery mode in the documentation that comes with your device.

• Audio Settings

After successfully ‘pairing’ the two devices, you may have to adjust the audio settings to ensure quality sound production. If you use Windows OS, the audio settings can be found at Audio Properties via the Control Panel. Full details can be found in documentations of your devices irrespective of the manufacturer and the OS.

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