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7 Money Saving Ideas For Graduation Parties

Even in tough times and on a limited budget, it is still possible to throw your graduate the party they want. Your 打卡 party room will be memorable, unique, and fun without the budget you think it may take! So, how is it possible?

1- Make your own personalized desserts, treats, hors d’oeuvres. Rather than hiring a caterer and an expensive cake maker – stand out with your own food trays, personalized, more creative dishes and desserts that everyone will be talking about, with a reasonable budget! Rather than having the typical potato salads, cookies, chips, spice it up with say, chocolate dipped potato chips, chocolate strawberries personalized with your graduates’ school colors, etc. You will surely stand out and be remembered with these ideas!

2- Invitations- Many ways to cut costs on these: for one, you can send ouParty Room for Rent in Harleysville PA and Montgomery County PAt e-invitations. If you prefer the paper invitations, you can always make them yourself (or have a willing, crafty family member/friend do so). Buying the invitations at a discount party stores will save huge. Another option is making your invites on postcards, which will save you from the cost of envelopes and extra postage. And hand deliver the invites to people that you see often!

3- Affordable location. It doesn’t get easier than hosting a graduation party right in your own backyard. Set up your food arrangement, tables and chairs (try your local rental center if you do not have enough), and get creative decorating! No backyard? In this case you could ask a relative that may have one, consider a local park, or possibly an apartment complex party room.

4- Low entertainment costs. Most people are just stopping by, as they have multiple parties to attend, and most will entertain themselves. You can have games set up, such as volleyball, bean bags, horseshoes, potato sack races, and badminton. Include a fun “fondue station” with fruit, pretzels, etc. for dipping. For music, you don’t have to hire a live band but play some CD’s or an MP3 player and have an area where the guests can dance.

5-Decorating costs for a party can be expensive, ways to cut back: you can buy many of your decorations (e.g. table cloths, napkins, plates, cups, balloons, streamers, banners, etc.) at party supply stores or dollar stores.

6- If you are considering hiring a photographer at the party, instead, have disposable cameras for all the guests at the tables, etc. That way, they can create their own memories and have fun doing so. And this way you will get pictures, with variety, which you didn’t even realize were taken!



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