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10 Things To Take In Consideration Before Buying A Laptop!

Everyone wants to find the best laptop for the best price, but without knowing what you really need, is just like shooting in the dark. First you need to identify your actual computing needs and after that to look for a product which truly fits your needs.

Mainly, there are 5 archetypes of laptop users: the student, the business traveler, the photographer and/or videographer, the gamer and the home user, each with their specific needs. Most likely, you will fall somewhere in between two or more of these categories, so wisely take into account what you will be using your fresh new laptop for. Components that makes your laptop to run faster and smoother.

1. The Processor
The processor is the computer’s brain,  which receives data input, processes information and executes instructions.

2. The Memory (RAM)
Random Access Memory or RAM is the place where data that is currently being processed by the CPU is stored. The higher the capacity the more applications you can run at the same time.

3. Graphics chipset
The graphics chipset generates output images to a display.

4. Hard Drive (HDD)
The hard drive is the place were photos, videos and other file types are stored. The higher the capacity the more you will be able to store.

5. The Display
2 things need to be taken in consideration: size and resolution. The display size can range from 7 to 22 inches. The resolution rises from 800×600 to 1920×1200 pixels.

6. Battery
The autonomy of a battery vary from one model to another.

7. Connection Interface
USB ports and minijacks for headset or speakers are now a necessity. Ethernet sockets, e-SATA, FireWire or Express card will depend on the user’s needs.

8. Graphics interface
A VGA socket, HDMI, or a DisplayPort will allow you to link an additional display.

9. Optical Disc Players
DVD rewriters, Blu Ray players.

10. Memory Card Reader
All or almost laptops include a memory card reader.


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